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Name:4 group recording cards




 Function characteristic: PCI inserts card connection way the unique DSP processing structure, can real-time, carry on each independent digitized sound recording and the playback highly effective. unique DSP processing structure, each lines digitized sound recording and the playback may simultaneously and carry on independently. may dynamic choose the different speech coding speed, and carries on the real-time pronunciation compression and the decompression, like 32kbps ADPCM, 64kbps PCM. the reliable double sound multi-frequency pressed key (DTMF) examines, may while record and playback, responds the DTMF pressed key immediately. the unique signal sound produces (Generation) and distinguishes the (Detection) algorithm, but distinguishes the random frequency precisely the tonic train signaling or produces the random frequency tonic train signaling. the reliable pressure controls or the voice control examination. has the calling recognition (Calling Identity Delivery) the function. has ST-BUS and the MVIP-BUS main line, may realize the non-barrier monitor. in the card has the processor and the large capacity memory, not extra takes main engines resources. the driver use event driven structure, is advantageous for the multichannel programming.   Technical specification: connection way: Two simulation sound recordings connection impedance: 10M ohm frequency response: 300Hz~3400Hz on piece buffer: 32K~256K Byte digit pronunciation: A/u-law PCM, ADPCM data rate: 64Kbps, 32Kbps, 16Kbps DTMF code: 0~9th, *, #, A, B, C, D calling number: FSK, DTMF FSK modulation system: logic 0: 2200Hz±1% logic 1: 1200Hz±1% data transfer way: Binary asynchronous serial mode Operating system: Windows 98, Windows 2000 (Professional, Server, and Advanced Server), Windows XP Programming language: Visual C++ Borland C++ Builder Visual Basic Delphi Power Builder Application domain: recording channel, recording monitor

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