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Name:8 groups sound cards




PCI card interface
The unique DSP processing structure, can real-time, highly efficient digital recording every line of independence and playback.
The unique DSP processing structure, each line of the digital recording and playback can simultaneously and independent.
Can dynamically select a different voice encoding speed, and real-time speech compression and decompression, such as the 32kbps ADPCM, 64kbps PCM.
Provided the reliable buttons (DTMF) detection, the recording and playback, immediate response DTMF buttons.
The unique signal Generation) and (Detection algorithm identification (can accurately identify the audio signal frequency of arbitrary or any of the audio signal frequency.
Reliable two lines of modem testing simulated relay.
With polarity reversal and speech recognition, can accurately identify each other pick.
With a caller id (Calling) Identity Delivery.
With ST - BUS and MVIP - BUS BUS, can achieve inside the arbitrary card carried between any two channels between the exchange.
Card with a processor and large capacity, no additional CunZhuQi occupy host resources.
The card can identify pew pick, hang up and shoot inserts such action.
The driver using event-driven structure, convenient multi-channel programming.
Dont need additional hardware, can achieve tripartite conference calls and function
Bring your Text with TTS () function.

Technical indicators:
Interface: two lines simulation relay
Interface impedance: 600 ohms
Frequency response: 300Hz 3400Hz ~
On 256K 32K buffer: an uploaded file. -
Digital voice: A/u my PCM, ADPCM. -
Data rate: 64Kbps, 32Kbps, 16Kbps
DTMF code: 0-9, *, #, A, B, C, D
Switching function: 256 direct exchange channel
Call monitoring: signal, speech, and polarity reversals
Caller: 2634 FSK, DTMF
FSK modulation mode:
Logic 0:2200Hz ± 1%
Logic 1:1200Hz ± 1%
Binary data transfer mode: asynchronous serial manner

Operating system:
Windows 2000 and Windows 98, Server, does (on the Server), and Windows XP
Programming languages:
Visual c + +
Borland c + + Builder
Visual Basic
Power Builder
Interactive voice response (IVR) system,
Call Center (Call Center),
Automatic call (ACD)
Voicemail on (E-mail),
Telephone Conference (Conference) Tele -
Telephone chat (Tele - ChatRoom

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